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Troy Levesque

Troy Levesque

Lyman, ME


My name is Troy Levesque, also known as Sir Lytle. I am a Maine Artist that specializes in vibrant colored pencil drawings.

At a young age I lived on an Air Force Base in Japan. While there we didn't have english speaking tv shows to watch. So I found something else to do, draw! My parents must have liked the idea as they set up a little table with what seemed to be tons of pencils, pens, markers, crayons, and of course paper.

The earliest thing I can remember drawing was a deer running. I'm not sure if it looked much like a deer, but I sure did try just the same.

Now a days I use a number of different techniques to bring out the photo like qualities in all of my drawings. At shows my pieces are commonly mistaken for photographs because of the intricate details that I put into each drawing.

I like to draw most everything and lately my subjects include: Japanese Characters, Landscapes, Animation, Fantasy, Sports Themes, Florals and Still Life.

I'm pleased to share my art with you and hopefully you enjoy it as much as I do!

Thank you,

Troy Levesque, Artist
a.k.a. Sir Lytle


Field Hockey by Troy Levesque


Lacrosse by Troy Levesque


First Down by Troy Levesque


Corner Kick by Troy Levesque


In the Dirt by Troy Levesque


Country Club by Troy Levesque


The Blue Dragon by Troy Levesque


Wicked by Troy Levesque


Flight 1224 by Troy Levesque


Cheer by Troy Levesque


In the Post by Troy Levesque


Cycle by Troy Levesque